About Billy

Hi I’m Billy Backpack,

I am the Transition to School mascot for the Illawarra.

I don’t talk, but I do wave, give big high fives and love to dance to my favourite song “Hey Billy Backpack!”

You can book me to attend events for children leaving for big school.

I am FREE and like to bring a special gift for the children and their family to remember me.

If I am available I would love to visit you, make sure you book in early as I can be a very busy backpack.  See below for more details

Please read the borrowing conditions and fill out the request form below to use Billy.

Borrowing Conditions and Request Form

Click here to see how Billy’s outfit has to be worn. Billy Backpack Costume information

Here are some fun printable Billy backpack activities your child can complete to get ready for big school.

Drawing Activity Page

Tracing Activity Page

Billy Backpack Flashcards

Billy Backpack Numbers and Alphabet

Keep checking back to read about Billy and his latest adventures.

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