About the Project

The Illawarra Transition to School Program has been operating since 2005. It is funded by Families NSW, an initiative of the NSW Government, and managed by Big Fat Smile.

What is Transition to School?

Starting school is an exciting but somewhat overwhelming time in a child and families life.  A child’s transition to school starts well before and extends long after the child’s first day.  A successful transition to school can depend on a variety of factors: child’s temperament and personality, parent’s attitudes to school and education and the accessibility and quality of local services in the community.  The Illawarra Transition to School Project aims to:

  • network with multiple stakeholders to promote the importance and benefits of a successful transition to school
  • provide meaningful and consistent training and development opportunities
  • engage Indigenous families to improve current academic outcomes
  • engage families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to support their transition to school
  • create useful tools to support children transitioning to school
  • engage families whose children may not access an early childhood education and care service.

How can we help?


Information and resources to support learning through play and assist your child/ren to make a smooth transition to school.


Participate in community events and receive information to help support your child/ren’s transition to school.


A range of information and resources to assist in developing effective transition to school programs.


Here you will find a large range of printable resources, children’s books and research on starting school.